Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hike and Bike

Yesterday was good.  It has warmed up some.  We were up at oh:dark:thirty for a trip to the doctor.  When we got back we laced up the hiking boots and drove down to the Sarasota trail head.  If we were more motivated, we could get there from the house, but that would make it a really long hike.  What is needed here is an off-road golf cart.

Lumpy rocks seen leaving a wash on the trail.

Today we got the bikes out.  One of the downsides to living in the house is that the Tucson Loop (bike trail) is about six miles from here, and part of the route is has heavy traffic with not so good shoulders.  This is tile surroundng the sink at the restrooms that are next to the trail.  There is parking there so that's where we start.

The other reason for starting there, is that the trail under Ajo is no longer available to us.  They're widening that bridge, and the bike path has been subsumed by equipment access.  One either rides on the road with cars, or one parks north of Ajo.

You can better see the ramp here, foreground.  If you look in the background, you can see that side of the bridge is also involved.

Here is where the trail ends, rather abruptly.

According to the Arizona Dept. of Transportation, the trail will be available again in December 2019, but I really doubt it.

Online LiveWriter has once again lost its ability to post to Blogger.  Github knows about it, and here's hoping they get it fixed. 


  1. So did you do this in blogger? I am not happy.

    1. I did. I think my photos look better when they come from OLW. However, it's what there currently is!

    2. Guess I'll have to do that. Been so long since I've used it. Hope I can figure it out. Thanks.