Thursday, January 31, 2019

HIking Towards John Krein

Ho hum, another boring route report.  We've spent some time looking for a shorter route going towards the John Krein trail that doesn't involve an unpleasant slog around the north west end of First Ridge.  We found the far end the other day, but didn't walk it back all the way to the house. We're still a little soft on what happens in the middle, but here's the start from the house.

There are the Three Wise Men.  When they become visible, look for a turn off the trail towards Little Cat mountain.

The trail.  It looks like just about every other trail.  Notice the saguaro in the distance.

Here is the distant saguaro, with distinctive markings.

Somewhere, out there, is a very cool rock.  I like the circular rings on it.  Jim wouldn't haul it back to the house for me. 

There will be more route finding, which I will probably add here.

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  1. Cool rock!!! Hmmm the trails look rather confusing. Maybe I should stay home! LOL