Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year’s Day

Today is the first day of the year.  A conversation that Jim and I sometimes have is how does this winter compare with other winters?  It’s a pointless conversation, because it is what it is, but there you go.  So I do try to mention the weather so we have a record.

Look at today’s high, and then look at last year.  I think last year is winning.

todays temp

This is the current forecast.  That little symbol of precipitation would be snow.  I am going to be so annoyed if it does, because then all of the sheets, towels and flannel currently draped over the plants will be wet, and will have to be removed and dried.  The bougainvillea have sustained damage, but they’re not dead.  I’m not sure which is making them look worse, the frost or the caterpillars that are eating them.  They should all be dead by now, I hope.

january 1 2019 weather

If you were paying attention you will have noticed that the top graphic is referencing today as 1/2/2019.  The bottom graphic has deleted Tuesday.  What is up with the weather websites?

This is our neighbor’s yard.  This is how to protect native plants from frost.  Styrofoam coffee cups and sheets on the mounding plants.  Bud Light boxes are also good.


Today’s discovery is that Wal Mart sells sheets separately so you don’t have to buy sets.  We got two flat sheets which are much easier to deal with than burlap.  The bougainvillea have long thorns which get stuck in the burlap due to its loose weave.  Plus, it’s leaving lint all over my jacket. 
That’s it!  More weather.


  1. The weather the past few days reminds me of the time you came to Fountain Hills over New Years to mountain bike with us. This time we're going to the gym instead!

    1. Gym sounds much better. Those trails were cold. Ice cream headaches for everybody!

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I was going to try and track it down but now I don't have to. I was pretty sure last year was much warmer.

    1. Rereading old blog posts supports your position. It was a really nice December.