Sunday, September 30, 2018

Walla Walla to Issaquah

It’s all a freeway drive.  There’s a fair amount of agriculture; wheat, hops, grapes, fruit trees.  Where there is irrigation, things grow.  It’s very productive land.  Eventually it becomes rolling hills, with less cultivation.


Today’s key learning is don’t drive to Issaquah from the east on a Sunday.  There is a lot of traffic.  It would drop from a speed limit drive to a complete stop for no apparent reason.  There’s probably a corollary of don’t go east on Friday afternoons


There are two truck plazas in Ellensburg.  Neither one of them are a good bet on a Sunday.  The Love’s channels everyone (cars, big trucks, RVs) in to the same entrance.  It was poorly marked and very chaotic.  The Flying J has very narrow spaces between the diesel pumps, and after pumping, there is nowhere to pull forward.  If you pull forward, no one can leave the car pumps.  I think I’d rather go to North Bend and pay too much in order to avoid Ellensburg.

The Indian John Hill rest stop has a dump station.  The way the rest stop is set up, the vehicles queuing to dump, back up into where the 18 wheelers need to park.  There were several big trucks caught in the line, unable to advance or depart.  So, approach this rest stop with the idea that you might want to keep going.

We’re back, and here for three nights.


  1. And I thought the traffic was bad on I-95 here in Virginia. We stopped at a Flying J yesterday to dump and it was a strange set up. The dump is in one of the RV fuel lanes (nobody else pulled in while we were there) and then when you pulled out you had to go around the back of a Wendy's and through their parking lot to get back to the Flying J exit. That was our first experience with a Flying J and hopefully we're done with it.

  2. UGH, so many pretty areas near big cities are like that...the weekend coming and going traffic. I understand that highway 17 in and out of Phoenix gets really bad with folks visiting Sedona and Flagstaff.