Friday, September 7, 2018

More Life in the GPNW

Not much has been happening in our corner of the GPNW.  There has been walking in the woods.


There has been going in to Bellevue for new tires for the truck.  We walked out of Costco the other day and Jim glanced down at the tires and noticed that little chunks of rubber were coming off.  It was fairly disconcerting.  We went home and figured out how many miles we’d towed, plus driven and realized it was time.

This is a drill in use in the light rail project.  It’s a huge thing.


While waiting for tires we walked up the street, expecting to find a Pacific Fabrics store.  Nope, they’re gone.  Joann Fabrics is just the evil empire.  They’re put almost all of the local fabric stores out of business.  The fabric store has been replaced by an upscale pet supply store.

How often do we see kangaroo and venison dog food?  For me, this is a first.  At the top of the package, in very large letters, it’s labelled “grain free.”  The FDA has recently determined that grain free dog food is linked to cardiomyopathy in dogs.  You can read more at the NYT.


This is a 15 pound bag of turkey and sweet potato dog food, which is also grain free.  It’s $37.99.  Does that seem like a lot of money to you?  It does to me.


And for the urban chicken we have freeze dried grub snacks.  This tickles me some what.


Later we walked over the Issaquah creek.  Lower right corner is a very happy dog with a big stick.


A new stick has been thrown into the creek.


Stick retrieved, the dog returns to his owner – soaking wet.


This came off the internet.  It’s the last photo taken by the Cassini spacecraft before crashing into Saturn.  It’s a lovely image.

cassini's last photo


  1. Geez... 15 bucks for a 1.25# of chicken treats (which begs the question: why do chickens need treats)? Now I feel bad for whining when we paid $8.49 for a 50# bag of chicken feed at the farm supply store today.

  2. The grain-free dog food story is a really big deal. My mother alerted it to me in light of Paisley's heart issues, and I asked my vet about it at her last appointment. However, I had only fed grain-free off and on, not constantly, and in the 6 months prior to her diagnosis, had been feeding food with primarily chicken, which is high in taurine, one of the enzymes that seems to be lacking in dogs with DCM. Paisley's vet said that she doesn't have DCM but heart valve disease, so in her case it was a moot point, but still very interesting. There are an awful lot of sick small dogs due to the fancy, expensive food well-meaning owners thought was better for them. :-(