Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Circus Came to Town

The run of glorious weather ended today.  It was cold, it was windy and then it rained.  The hummingbird living on the feeder is totally and completely out of sorts.  Tomorrow is forecast to be fairly cool, but not wet.

This morning we set out to find a giant tent we saw the other day.  Due to the lack of sun, I could not get a decent picture of it.  Here is one I have liberated from the internet.

zoppe tent

It’s the Zoppe Family Circus.  They’ve been doing this since 1842.  We walked around to the front of the tent and I got a couple of photos by holding the camera over my head.  The kid in the front has just launched a blue spinning thing into the air.  It comes back down and is caught on the string.  The child in the background has a yellow one that she was practicing with.


The was music and clapping.  Notice the makeup and hat of the person behind the woman with the headscarf.


I would really like to see them put that tent up.  This is one of the many stakes pulling the structure taut.


After wandering around a little, we admitted to each other that we were dressing for the climate we wanted, rather than the one we had.  So we went home and put on long pants and got our fleece vests out.  After lunch we went to Costco to pick up contact lenses.  By the time we left, it was really cold.  The rest of the day was spent indoors.  Jim is currently watching a youtube tour of the USS Iowa’s gun turrets.  It’s fairly interesting, and it’s not politics.

When we got the two new laptops, I did an incomplete job of moving photos, so today I moved several old folders that were not backed up.  It was good to get them on the new laptop, it’s sort of like reconnecting with old friends.


This was the first hummingbird feeder we had.  It was on the forward driver’s side slide and got the setting sun. 


And here we have the disgruntled resident of the current feeder.  Soon he will have to find somewhere to sleep and go into torpor.


This was posted on Twitter today.  Could some one please explain to me what happened to the notion of politicians being public servants?  I thought this was such an extraordinary communication to come from the office of a senator.

tom cotton

Other than this, I have nothing interesting to report.


  1. Nice term "dressing for the climate you want rather than the one you have". We use there's no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing.

  2. The cactus flower photo is exquisite...and Tom Cotton is a certified JERK. Gag!

  3. I would agree that is extraordinary. I can't imagine that the Capitol Police would be too excited about trying to enforce that notification, particularly if it's just routine constituent unhappiness.