Friday, January 26, 2018

More of Same

Jim surveys all that he sees.  We were back at the top of the Ammunition Box trail.  I like that hike, it’s hard but there is stuff to look at.




I have linked to an article written by Sally Jenkins.  She’s the daughter of Dan Jenkins, who wrote the book Semi-Tough.  Ms. Jenkins is a sports reporter for the Washington Post.   Her article about Larry Nasser is just damning.  The Olympic Gymnastics organization has a lot to answer far.


  1. Hard hikes are good, if they're not too hard :-)

    That article is tough to read. Sad what those girls had to go through just for the chance at a medal.

    1. Hard is always a relative term. That last fitness hike you did was very hard and jumping the boulders did not look like fun at all. But you lived!

  2. Good article. This period of time is most certainly becoming a turning point for women in terms of owning their power.