Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Return to Warmer Weather

Greetings Earthlings!  Here in the desert we are recovering from three days of cold weather.  It actually went below freezing three nights in a row.  The first two were predicted, so we trickled the water over night, the third was not.  It went down to 28, and we’re pretty happy about not freezing any pipes or the water filter canister.

Today was much better, although the wind is gusting to 30-35 mph.  We hiked out of the Sarasota trail head and did the clock wise loop with an additional 40 minute jaunt out into the bowl.  We’re moving faster now than we were, so distance has to be added to keep us on our feet longer.

The horse riders were out in droves today.  There were two other trailers out of frame.  We did not see them riding, but we did see their by products on the trail.

 It was a glorious day.

When we got back to the trail head, the wagons were being loaded.  Horse back riding is a device intensive hobby.  There must be trailers, saddles, horse care and etc. It does look pleasant, however, to be ambling across the desert with your trusty steed.

I learned a new fact recently, reading about hummingbirds.  When they go in to torpor, they frequently hang upside down.  They slow their metabolism to get through the cold night until it’s time for breakfast.

Online Live Writer has quit on me!  I'm getting the dreaded 500 internal server error.  The internet is remarkably uninformative about what to do.  It will upload a text only post, but will not load photos.

This is just totally aggravating.  After months of using it, I've finally gotten used to Live Writer, and the blogger editor just seems cumbersome.  Plus pictures look better when loaded with Live Writer.  Does anyone know how to fix this?


  1. That's a weird fact about hummingbirds I've never heard of! They look awful cute hanging upside down!

  2. How interesting about the hummingbirds. I had no idea! We had a few cold nights here too and actually went below freezing one night (predicted low was 32). Our neighbor's tomato plants bit it, and a couple of my plants (impatiens) got partially nipped as they were a bit too tall to fit under the motorhome. I hope we don't have any more nights like that!

  3. OK, I NEVER knew that about hummingbirds. How bizarre! The things you learn on the Internet! :)