Wednesday, January 3, 2018

More of Same Outside

Happy day three of the New Year!  Our weather continues to be stellar.  Today was really windy, it started up in the middle of the night.  I always wonder what weather system is responsible for high winds out of the blue.  Local meteorologists never talk about the why.

So there has been hiking.


There have been wild life sightings.  Look center photo, there are two muley deer looking at us.  I’d be happier if they were more skittish around people. If we were bow hunters, they would have been easy to hit from the trail.


Today we walked out to the Stone Hut on the Bowen Trail.  There were more people hiking than usual.  I guess not everyone has gone back to work yet.


Did you see this article?  Here is the gist of it.

Security researchers on Wednesday disclosed a set of security flaws that they said could let hackers steal sensitive information from nearly every modern computing device containing chips from Intel Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc and ARM Holdings.


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