Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter Doldrums

Ho Hum.  Christmas is over.  Jim and I are remarkably somnolent at the moment.  I'm giving us one more day to be slugs and then we have to go join a gym. The weather this winter has not been great, so there must be the alternative of lifting heavy objects for no good reason.
I will leave you with a picture I took in Joseph, OR this summer.  It's such a lovely area.  At the moment they're having 19 degrees and snow, so they're off the list for the final resting place for us.


  1. Oh, yes, Joseph is a lovely place. In the summer!

  2. I am so glad we decided against Arizona this year. We have been having wonderful weather in Florida and getting lots of cycling in. When a "cold" front comes through, it's gone in two days. Hope the weather will improve there soon and that there is a good gym nearby you can use.

  3. Yes once the Christmas period is over its good to get back to "normality". I used to go to the gym regularly when I was working but I've let it drop since retiring as I was doing more walking and cycling, but there is something about treadmills and weights that you dont get elsewhere, so like you I'm thinking of getting back to the gym. Happy New Year to you.