Friday, December 23, 2016

The Days Before Christmas

Greetings Earthlings.  How is your Christmas season progressing?  Monday was delightful, we did the hike out of the Genser Trailhead.  Tuesday Jim had to see the dermatologist for his thrice yearly application of liquid nitrogen on his actinic keratoses.  Too much sun and too many years have taken their toll on his fair skin.  As is always the case, he appears to have been attacked by a cheese grater.  Later that day we went for a bike ride up the trail and back.  It was also delightful.  Winds were calm, temperatures were perfect.  Coming back I sat on Jim's wheel for several miles; it was very quiet, very meditative.

Yesterday we spent the morning vacuuming out the driver's side bay.  Wednesday it rained like heck with winds out of the south west.  That's the kiss of death for leaking in to the storage bay.  Fortunately the sun came out, the winds came up and it dried out quickly.  We also replaced one of the gas pistons that lifts the door to the utilities bay.  Please make a note of this:  Before attempting to install a piston, compress it a few times.  Things will go much easier for us.

This is a Uni-Mog.  It's on a Mercedes chassis.  They're from Germany.  They were originally made for the German army.  Now they're RVs.  Talk about beating swords into plow shares.  I would really like to see the inside of this.

We also saw this yesterday.  Next to the RV park is a mobile home park.  They were doing a story on an alleged home invasion robbery.  Oddly enough, they reported that the homeowner was arrested for discharging a weapon and drug possession, but there was no mention of what happened to the perps.  My personal theory is that it was a drug deal gone bad.

Today we went out to the far east side to pick up my PC from Sagauro PC.  It's been running really hot.  Like many luddites, I had decided to never go to Windows 10 on this laptop.  Here is something for your consideration. My PC will no longer download Windows updates.  The techs tried everything to get it to update.  It's their opinion that Microsoft is gradually making life difficult for Windows 7 users.   I'm very disgruntled about this.  They were supposed to keep it going until 2020, but apparently not.
Traffic was just horrific.  Here is the first accident we saw. 

Then we saw another one ten minutes later.  People were just nuts. We saw a lot of red light running. 

I continue to be aghast at the incoming administration.  Did you ever in your wildest imagination think a president elect would be tweeting about engaging in another nuclear arms race?  Didn't you think we'd moved on past that?  CNN did a interesting article on how Trump's constant lying is affecting the nation.

There are always hummingbirds to be observed.

They do go to high alert when a bee approaches.

Jim and I are ready for Christmas.  Socks for all! 


  1. I always find it funny to see something like a Unimog in an RV park. I mean, they can go anywhere!

    No socks for us, but I got a colonoscopy today;-)

    Merry Christmas!

    1. You do know how to celebrate the season! At least it's over and done with.