Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hummingbirds and the Achilles

Yesterday morning was warm enough to sit out and ogle the hummingbirds.  Warm enough with sweatshirts and fleece vests and a hat, but we'll take what we can get.  As more people move in to the RV park, more feeders go up.  I think we're not getting as many birds as we used to.  The good news is that the feeder our new neighbor uses is better for the woodpeckers, so we're not having to chase them off anymore.
This was interesting to watch.  When he was through drinking, he backed off the feeder and out of the area.

Sometimes they like to just sit on the perch. 

Today is the last day of Jim's crutch.  It's a mixed blessing, the unequal leg length caused by the height of the boot's sole causes a lot of extraneous discomfort in the back and hips.  I don't know why the boots have to be that tall.  There are two more weeks of boot followed by a visit to the surgeon; and then I think he gets to wear shoes.  Given that Jim's surgeon only tells us what will happen between the current visit and the next, we have no idea what the next stage is.  February 19 is the 14th week post surgery, which is when more strenuous PT can begin.  Getting rid of the boot will be good because then we can go in the pool and dog paddle.
That's it!  We are so boring I can't stand it.


  1. You guys have sure had a lot of knots in your rope… may this be the last one to untangle.
    Hang in…
    We will swing down to the Tucson area, but later on than normal. I hope you are still around an into the hiking biking stage of rehab. If not, we know how to dog paddle :)
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. At least you have beautiful hummingbirds. We don't even have that so talk about boring. I was so happy to get rid of that stupid boot. I hated that thing. So even though I limped around for several months it was still freedom. Hang in there Jim.