Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gym, Food and Weather

Friday we had a somewhat decent sunset.  This has been the winter of the puny sunset.

Yesterday I went to a one hour orientation at LA Fitness.  I was expecting to walk through the gym and have the equipment names given to me and find out where the locker room was.  No, no.  It ended up being a 30 minute leg workout.  Today I am crippled.  Can't wait for the push and pull upper body workouts.  It'll all be broken.  We signed up for personal training - it's faster than figuring it out ourselves.

We went to the Rillito Downs farmers's market this morning with Don and Jamie.  They have really enlarged the number of stands over the last time we were there.  We got eggs from chickens who live in Wilcox out on the farm, squash and sprouts.  Next time I think we'll take a cold bag and ice.  There is a guy there with salmon from Alaska (frozen) and there are free range chickens (also frozen).  I'm going to be interested to see if the free range eggs are different from the factory farmed ones.  Perhaps there will be a blind taste test.  No wait, I can't cook them with my eyes closed.

Part of the covered arcade.

Pickles, marmalades, and sauces.  She had a really nice display of merchandise.

There is always a food truck.

These people were handing out leaflets about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  I personally think the TPP will be the final nail in the American coffin.  I do not understand the level of support for this trade agreement.  Elizabeth Warren is against this.  I wish she would run for president, I like her.  Ok, end politics.

Now we're under a high wind warning.  It's been building all afternoon and it is now just hooting.  It's been pushing the bus around and rattling the slide toppers.  The next couple of days will be wet and not very warm.  Poor us.  Still better than the mid west.

And look - another nice sunset.

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