Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Fifth Day of the New Year

Greetings Earthlings.  How is your new year progressing?  To date no serious disasters have befallen us.  We have been disappointed to learn that our neighbors to the left from last year are not returning to their previous site this winter.  They shifted up four sites hoping for a little less slope under the front wheels.  We will miss them, they were quite congenial.  In the good news, the Class A that was across from us departed.  Its windshield was perfectly shaped to reflect sunlight into our bus, blinding us for the better part of the day.  One hopes for a travel trailer or 5th wheel to come there next, so that we don't spend the entire winter with the front curtains pulled.
It should be obvious by now that I have zippity doo-dah all to report.  However, I feel compelled to post something, so I am not forgotten.
Here is a late afternoon photo from the Tucson Mountain park.  It is just so lovely out there.

And here is the current bane of our RV existence.  The item upper left is the left side of the ice maker.  The item about mid-photo is the icicle being formed by the leak in the ice maker.  It's still producing ice very well, so we've decided not to do anything about this.  Replacing the ice maker requires taking the refrigerator out, and that is not good for it.  Each time it comes out, the doors seal less well.  So, for now, we'll just break off the icicle on a daily basis. 

Jim has eight more days of crutches.  Then he has two more weeks of the boot.  Once he's back in two shoes, we can return the knee cart and get my bike out of storage.  Woot!  It was a really good decision to not have the cart and the bike in the bed of the truck.  Jim stomped on the brakes the other day and the cart launched itself the length of the truck bed.  That would have left a mark on my bike and that would have made me sad.
It's supposed to rain for the next three days.  Then it will be better.  El Nino winters are just the pits.

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  1. I really have zilch to blog about also so I know how you feel. And with all the rain and cold we haven't spent much time out anywhere. Only about three weeks to go for Jim. That is exciting news. Hang in there.