Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rain in the Old Pueblo

I have to tell you, El Nino winters are just the worst.  Wet and cold.  It's enough to make a person ask for a snowbird rebate.  The storm that hit San Diego yesterday is in Tucson today, minus the tornado.  Downpour does not adequately describe parts of it.  Anyway, we're in the low end of the park near the drains which are proving to be inadequate.
This is one street over from us.  Notice the picnic table.  It's on top of a concrete slab that is 4 inches tall; and I think about 4 inches of the table legs are also under water.

This is the end of our street.  The drain is completely overwhelmed.  They're running sump pumps, and one wonders where they are sending that water.

Here is more of our street with a hummingbird.

There is snow.  I took this through the RV windshield, which is covered in water, so it's a terrible picture, but look at the mountains beyond the palm tree.  Snow!

Every time it rains in Tucson, this happens.  Not all streets have storm drains.  When I lived here in the late 70s, early 80s, it was way worse, but some streets are still dished to carry water.  Every time it rains, people drive into the deep water and get stuck.  According to the news, there are two people and a dog in that car, awaiting rescue.  As I mentioned last February, Tucson has a stupid motorist law, and you get fined it you drive stupid and require rescue.

So that's it - weather is all I have to report today.


  1. Weather is our news also. Our park drains better than yours. We have a huge retention area and the picnic tables down there are almost completely under water. I'm ready for a break.

  2. Oh my...I don't think the drains at our park (Mission Bay) have been that overwhelmed...but I am not parked next to one of them either.

    Just remember when it seems pretty awful...this is drought relief!

  3. We got a ton of rain but nothing like that!

  4. Wow! That is worse than rainy season in Belize, because at least there it is warm. I would hate to have to walk our dog in that. Hope you dry out soon!

  5. Good grief! I never thought of Tucson looking like that. Still better than an equal amount of snow? At least the snow can be moved out of the way I guess.