Friday, December 5, 2014

Return to Hugh Norris

It was just about two years ago that we first hiked the Hugh Norris trail.  Apparently we really did not like it, since we haven't been back since.  It's a gorgeous beautiful hike.  The down side to it is the stairs.  Someone went to great effort and expense to construct about a mile's worth of stairs.  They're beautifully done, but they are hard on the knees, especially the tall ones when you're coming back down.

This is about 2.5 miles into the hike, this is where we stopped today.  It was getting late so we decided we'd do an hour out and turn around.  It was enough.  Those stairs!

This part of the Tucson Mountain park is really pretty.  It's definitely the glamour side of the mountains.

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  1. Ah Hugh Norris, that's one of my favorite hikes! We make it in to a 7 mile loop so we don't have to go back down the stairs! Use: Hugh Norris, Sendero Esperanza, Dobe Wash, Bajada Wash. The nice part is that the washes, though sandy, are downhill!