Friday, December 26, 2014

Back to the Tortolitas

Christmas Day we went back up to the Tortolitas.  This time we did the Lower Javelina trail.  It's a very nice loop.  It has some up down, but is not as steep as Upper Javelina.  It was a very enjoyable walk.  We love that area, it is so pretty and quiet.  It makes us feel very peaceful when we're out there.

It's a long drive, but hey, it was Christmas!
Our timing was perfect.  When we arrived at the parking lot the clouds thinned out and it warmed up a little.  Then, during the last five minutes returning to the truck, the clouds rolled back in, the wind came up and the temperature dropped precipitously.  Later it rained a fair amount.  We're not liking this winter season as much as last year's.

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