Monday, December 22, 2014

Hike in the Tortolitas and Christmas Shopping

Yesterday we set out with the intention to hike from the Camino del Cerro trail head.  It was a Sunday, but we thought it would be ok since they'd all be shopping.  Right?  Hah! Double HAH HAH HAH!  The parking lot only has about 20 spaces and they were all full. The people who live around the parking lot have erected no parking signs everywhere.  They are truly the neighborhood of no.
Since we were all dressed up with nowhere to go, we decided to make the drive to a hike in the Tortolita Mountains.  One reaches the parking lot for this trail system by driving through the gates of the Ritz Carlton and asking the guard working there where one should park.  It's a huge parking lot, with a rest room.  Very civilized!  Unfortunately it's a 25 mile drive from the RV.
It's a gorgeous hike.  After a short flat walk on Wild Burro Trail, we connected with the Upper Javelina Trail.  The Javelina is a fun trail.  Parts of it are packed sand, and parts of it are boulders.  It takes you into the Wild Burro Canyon which is very pretty.

Eventually the trail goes up to a ridge line.  We went back via the spur trail to the resort.  It's a shorter way back, but the descent is the same.  There were a lot of 3 foot step downs.

Isn't this a pretty cactus?  They're all full of water this winter.

It was also our anniversary - 29 years.  We had planned to go out to dinner to mark the occasion, but by the time we got down from the hike, we were both sort of whooped.  We'll go later when our legs aren't so tired.

Today we decided there must be Christmas shopping.  We've been putting it off, but we decided that if there was nothing at all to open on Christmas morning, that we would be sad and pitiful.  It's hard buying presents for each other, we lack for nothing, and the RV is full.  Nothing can come in unless something goes out.   REI saved us, they have socks on sale.  Who doesn't have socks that need replacing?  We left the mall at noon, and it was a good thing.  Traffic volumes were increasing exponentially.


  1. Well then I guess we're sad and pitiful, since there will be no opening of gifts at our place on Christmas. We quit that years ago. Makes life much easier!

  2. Damn, and I thought I was a grinch for giving my wife bike socks for Christmas.......:)

  3. I love the Tortolitas!

    We don't exchange gifts...but I agree everyone needs to replace socks! Whenever REI has a sale and we can't find anything else to use the discount, we buy socks!

  4. Congratulations on your 29th anniversary. (Do you suppose it is the 'Sox Anniversary?') BTW, your pictures inspire me to get out into the desert more often. Too windy today though.

  5. Merry Christmas you two…we hiked the Ritz too…did the long loop and was also whooped. More up and down than I was counting on. I could winter at that Ritz. The location is fantastic…away from the Urban-ness of Tucson, mountain views, lush desert. I also thought some of those roads around through the surrounding subdivisions would make great road biking.
    Box Canyon Mark (all I want for Christmas is More Money!!!)

  6. Mark, Merry Christmas to you and Bobbie! You are right about the Ritz up at Dove Mountain, it is so pretty up there, even more so than the west side of the Tucson Mountains. Stay warm up there in CO. Regards, Jim

  7. We aren't exchanging gifts, but that's fine. We brought just enough to Mexico to fill our backpacks to overflowing, so anything we buy here means something else has to be left behind. So instead, we've treated ourselves to a nice Christmas Eve meal out and will do the same on Christmas Day. But I am with you on the socks -- REI has good ones, so you might as well. Merry Christmas!