Saturday, August 9, 2014

Walking in Magnolia

Today was another perfect day in the neighborhood.  I decided not to push my luck with the bike two days in a row, we decided strolling would be in order.  Where best to stroll?  How about Discovery Park?  Never mind the fact that it's geographically undesirable, or that the 520 bridge is closed - we'll go to Magnolia.  Yay.  Traffic westbound on I90 was predictably terrible, we were able to use the HOV lanes so it wasn't too bad.
We went north on 99, past the construction for the new tunnel.  Have I mentioned the tunnel?  Currently highway 99 is an elevated freeway, with 3 lanes in either direction, carrying 100,000 people a day.  The plan is to replace the elevated freeway with the tunnel, which will be 2 lanes in each direction.  Unfortunately, things are not going well with the tunnel boring machine.  Here is the latest update.  Short story, the machine moved 1,000 feet, threw up in its socks and died.  They're having to dig a giant pit to get to it, hoist it up and fix it. 

This view will be lost to Seattle drivers once the Viaduct (highway 99) is gone.  I personally am not a fan of the tunnel.

We made it to Discovery Park.  Couldn't find a place to park.  We drove down to West Point and took a picture of the lighthouse and the water.  Then we left.  It's an old army base, it seems like there could be more parking than there is.

You can sort of see Mt. Rainier behind the point.  The uber wealthy live there at the water's edge.

After giving up on Discovery park, we went into Magnolia Village where they were having a car show and farmer's market.  Here we see Jim reliving his early days.  This is a 1969 Corvette Roadster like the one he used to have.


This is a Auburn Boattail Speedster.  It was designed by Gordon Buehrig in the 1930s, who also designed the Cord.  Unfortunately they left before we could go look at it closely. Jim thinks it might be a replica.

This is a 1938 Ford Business Coupe.

Check out the interior.  The steering wheel is out of a 1959 Impala SuperSport.  This was a really good restoration.

1957 Ford Country Squire.  The back window is so cool.  Do you not think it is amazing that Jim can remember all of these names and dates?  I default to "it's an old car."

We had lunch at the Crepe Caravan.  Good, really good.

This is why people want to live on Magnolia.  They want this view of the water.

Isn't this a cute house?  He has a great view of the water.

Coming back, we went by Pier 91.  These are cruise ships.  This is why Pike Place Market is so crowded - all those people from the boats head for the market.

The Frank Gehry designed Seattle public library.

This was taken from the I90 floating bridge.  The mountain was sort of out.

We got exercise today - Magnolia is really hilly. Up, down.


  1. My dad and Hans have that car brain...all those arcane facts bottled up inside just ready to burst forth if they see some old vehicle. Hans does it with airplanes too.

  2. Lovely shots! I especially like big dog-small dog! And the Seattle Public Library...I wish we'd seen it on our one day in the city.