Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weird Weather and a Better Back

Greetings!  My back is better.  Happy I am about this. Sunday I did another flat short ride in Carnation Valley, and then waited for Jim as he went out and rode without me.  The sunflowers were very attractive.
Yesterday we took the mountain bikes up the East Lake Sammamish bike trail (also flat) and managed 17 miles, which was pain free.  So there is hope that this will be over soon.

The weather has taken a turn for the weird.  The Seattle area is not known for thunder and lightning.  We've had a fair amount of this.

It rained like hell all last night.  This is just down the hill from where we are staying.  Factoria had 4 feet of water in some of their parking lots and streets, probably a combination of much rain and blocked storm drains.

Water has not fallen from the sky today, but look at the humidity.  98% is also not usual for the area.  Today is supposed to be the last bad day.  I'm really hoping the forecast models are correct.  It's only  been a couple of bad days, but it's aggravating.

Since the trails are full of mud and the streets are full of wet leaves and road gunk, there was no riding today.  We walked over to Costco to pick up my new contacts.  One of the things that was really good on the trip to Vienna was disposable contact lenses.  Instead of taking a pound of solutions, I got by on less than two ounces of liquid for the entire month.  They don't correct my astigmatism, but since it's not that bad it wasn't a problem.  After I use up my current supply of monthlies, I may convert to the single use lenses; I'm thinking they will be better during the season of steeeenking blooming yellow trees in Tucson.
So - nothing much is going on here.  We're departing September 8, and I am looking forward to being somewhere different.


  1. Glad to hear your back is better. There isn't anything worse. Your entire body and mind is involved when the back hurts. Hope your weather turns like back did:)

  2. Happy to hear about your back! I had no idea you got so much rain in that part of the state. We just haven't seen anything like that, though it has been thundering and raining a bit the past couple of days, finally semi-cleaning the thick layer of dust that had built up on our car. On contacts, I wore the single-use ones for years until I could no longer deal with contacts without readers at work (tried multi-focal contacts, but they didn't work all that well for me). I had one tiny bottle of saline just in case, but that was IT. So nice for traveling and just simplicity of daily living. They even come in toric for astigmatism!

  3. You only wear your lenses for one month? Four months minimum. Ignore my bloodshot eyes.