Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Attack of Back Pain

Greetings Earthlings.  How is your summer progressing?  We have hit somewhat of a rough patch, or at least I have.  About two weeks ago my lower back started hurting.  Then it hurt more, and then it got worse.  It reached the point of hurting enough that I'm yelping, and scaring the crap out of Jim.  Apparently I have strained the right side paraspinal muscles.  It hurts like holy hell.  So, there is physical therapy twice a week while we are still here.  It's really aggravating, there will be no hiking or strenuous biking until this resolves.  Of course this has coincided with perfect summer weather.

This morning we got new neighbors.  They have a highly decorated RV.  He is the Wandering Author.

Their first task was to unload the motorcycle.  The back of the pick up truck was uphill, making it difficult.  We were very happy that they didn't drop it.

I looked up his book on Amazon - his name is Roan Poulter.    I don't understand the economics of  selling e-books for $3.  How much money do people make on these books? 

They have been many places.

This is the creek that runs behind the building that houses my dentist and the physical therapist.  It used to flood regularly until it was dredged and the banks were armored.

Nothing much is happening other than this. 

I do have a question for the audience.  Where is a good place to go in mid-September?  We had been thinking Utah, until it was pointed out to me that it's pretty dang hot then.  Who has good destination tips for September?  We were thinking Breckenridge, CO until we noticed that it's at 9,600 feet.  Our last attempt to mountain bike at 9,000 was not all that much fun due to lack of oxygen, so maybe not.


  1. Well...We are spending September in the Canadian Rockies:) Should be cool there (and hopefully no early snow!!!)

    Hope your back improves quickly. We've both have had back issues at various times and it is not fun!! Thinking of you:)

  2. For Sept. we're going down the OR coast, stopping in Roseburg for a visit with my kid, then heading East and down the Eastern Sierras into October on our way to San Diego area.

    Hope that back feels better soon...back problems are noooooo fun.

  3. We really enjoyed Sept in Bend, OR in 2013. The Crowne Villa RV Resort is pricy, but their monthly rate for Sept is lower than July and August and you have a great spot for your RV with lots of biking and hiking at reasonable elevations and temperatures. If you booked Sept 15 - Oct 15, you will have some cool temps and less crowds. Have Fun!

  4. Vancouver Island? Whidbey or Anacortes?

  5. Too bad about your back. I vote for heading down 395 and the Eastern Sierra. It was perfect there last Spet.

    1. We were just there in the spring. I bet it is perfect in September.

  6. So sorry to hear about your back, Allison! That sounds so painful, and as active as you usually are, I can imagine the frustration. I wonder how you managed to strain it so badly? Did you do any particularly difficult hikes or bike rides? Hope you heal up fast!