Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ribfest 2013

Last night we attended the social event of the season:  Ribfest!  We missed it last year because we were in Italy.  The COs make mass quantities of ribs with Dave's special rub as well as an assortment of sides.  This year's stand out menu item was the green beans. Really good.  Since it's a cowboy themed event, guests are encouraged to dress with a western motif.  Best outfit winners win valuable prizes, this year stick horses were awarded.  In 2011 Kim and Jim won.
Here are two excellent contestants for the best costume award.  The lady on the right would go on to take best female contestant.

The Brenings are on the left, with Jeff the rodeo clown on the right.  I admire people who are willing to go out in public like that.

Here is Dave cutting up the ribs.  It's quite the job, cooking 14 slabs of ribs, deploying them and keeping them hot.

This year was particularly fun.  We saw many friends with whom we used to work, and it was great catching up with them.  It's just amazing how much the children grow when you're not around.

It was a great party.  Thank you Vicki and Dave.

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  1. Looked like a wonderful time for with good friends and food! Glad you made it this year:)