Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rain and Then Not Rain

Thursday was just gruesome!  It rained all day. Jim had gone north to visit a friend of his from high school.  I stayed behind to run errands.  One errand was to nip out to the outlet mall for a couple of items.  North Bend is higher than we are and their weather tends to be worse.  It was worse all the way out there.

This was taken in the Issaquah QFC parking lot about 4 in the afternoon.  That's Squak Mountain, you just can't see it because the clouds are stuck on the trees.  This is why we don't live here anymore.  This is pretty much what you see day in and day out nine months of the year.

Friday, however, was a complete turn around from the previous day.  We rode the bikes out to Marymoor Park.  These are Ospreys sitting on a light standard.  They were fairly vocal.  We're wondering if they're recently fledged but still wanting to be fed, or if they were just hanging out.
It was a good ride except for the flat Jim got from glass on the road.  Would it ever occur to you to throw a glass bottle into a bike lane, or anywhere else for that matter?  I do not know what is wrong with people.

This morning we walked over to the farmer's market in Issaquah.  It's the first time we have been since 2011, and it has really grown.  The local population has embraced local produce.
They have the heirloom varieties.

Beets, there are a lot of beets.

This is later on in the day.  Blue skies, white puffy clouds.

Tomorrow begins the 14 day countdown until we leave.  I am ready.  The traffic and the crowding are starting to wear on me a little.


  1. It's such a beautiful area, I just wish the weather was s little better more often.

    No one has farmers markets like the northwest! What gorgeous veggies!!! Those tomatoes are just perfect.

  2. Lovely tomatoes, but wow, very expensive!