Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Weather!

We awoke this morning to rain.  Cells came marching through, with rain drumming on the roof, then easing, then dumping again.  The slide toppers were full of water.  Later, it cleared up.  Look at that sky!  There is my beloved washing the black gunk off the roof.

Jim started out just to do the roof.  As I knew it would, it turned into a total washing of the bus.  I, being the perfect spouse, took up the squeegee to dry the bus.  It was still a glorious day.

Not FIVE MINUTES after I finished with the squeegee, the weather rolled in and it's pouring again.

Other than this, it was a slow day.  We had planned to grill hamburgers for dinner, but given how hard it's raining, there may be a menu substitution.
I found this on the web today, I thought it was an amusing play on "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

 That's it!  This is all I have.

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