Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tubac Arts Festival

Today was the last day of the Arts Festival at Tubac.  Tubac is a small town that has reinvented itself as an artsy-fartsy little oasis of culture in the desert.  All snarkiness aside, they do have some nice stores with decorative items.  This band was playing when we got there, it was a peppy little tune.

Look at the little boy on the left, his dance style was pretty much up and down, but he was into it.

We saw a fair amount of this kind of yard art.

There was a lot of good photography.  This is a highly Photoshopped picture of a lunch counter.  It's printed on a faux canvas and they're asking $450 for it.  I personally think that perhaps they are pricing themselves out of the market.  Costco is doing prints like this for much less money.

This was the best place we went to today.  If you're in Tubac, make sure you go here.  They have Edward S. Curtis prints and cool stuff from Tibet.  If we still owned a stick frame house, today could have been very expensive.

They also have prints by this woman, Louise Serpa.  We had never heard of her, not being fans of the rodeo.  She died last year; she was the most amazing rodeo photographer.  Here is an obit from the New York Times, that is absolutely worth looking at. She was the first woman to get permission to photograph in the ring with the bucking horses and bulls.

This is one of her photos from Google Images.  It's probably copyrighted, hopefully I won't hear from the internet police.  Her website is here, and is also worth a visit.  We were just amazed by her images.

As is always the case with arts and craft fairs, there is food.  This is food alley.

This vendor was just amazing.  Those bacon wrapped brats were also deep fat fried.  Oy!

We saw a couple of cool looking dogs.

Isn't this one pretty?  Look at the eye color.

The other good store we stumbled up on was La Paloma.  They have pots.  There are many pots.

There is Day of the Dead.

It's a good store.  Definitely worth seeking out.  We bought pots for $6 each.  Now I will have to plant something
That was today, we enjoyed the event. We're hoping tomorrow warms up a little so we can get back on the bikes.