Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow in Tucson!

What is UP with the WEATHER????  This is what we saw on the cell phones last night.  Dire warnings from the National Weather Service.  We scoffed, snow this late in February in Tucson?  Never gonna happen.

This morning it was windy and cloudy, but it was 50 degrees.  No way is is going to snow, we still thought.

The hummers were active on the feeder.  Life was good.

Then, right around noon, the temperature dropped from 50 to the upper 30s in about 15 minutes, and it began to snow, this late in February in Tucson.

This is a photo of the television.  Look at that.  That's live footage of Dove Mountain where the Accenture match play tournament was snowed out.

Around 2:00 we drove up to the top of Sentinel Peak (also known as A mountain) to see what we would see.
The Catalinas.

Looking over at the Starr Pass resort.

Cat Mountain, partially obscured by clouds.

Then we drove out west on Ajo Way.  This is looking north.

Looking South, I don't know which mountains those are.

This is Kitt Peak, where the observatory is.

Looking north east.  This is round two of the horrible weather settling in.

Around 5 pm, it all started up again.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and sunny.  That will be better than today.  I have to say, this has been the coldest winter since we started coming here.

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