Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mid-week Round-Up

Oy!  I am tired of winter.  Yes, yes I know, we don't really have winter, but we have been cold and wet as of late.  This was Monday.  We were going to hike until we saw the rain over the mountains in the west, so we thought we'd walk.  After 5 minutes it starting raining on us!  It went downhill from there.  By early afternoon it was just awful, so awful that we spent several hours watching "The Longest Day."

Tuesday was better, but still colder than I wanted to be on a bike.  So we hiked out of the Genser Trailhead.  It was fortuitous, we met Hans and Lisa of Metamorphosis Road.  It was funny, they were consulting a map and a mountain biker trying to determine their location.  I heard Lisa say that every hike they'd done around here was longer than advertised, which is what she told the Good Luck Ducks.  When I heard that, I had to ask "do you have a blog?"  So that was very cool to meet up with fellow hikers, bikers and full timers.

Then there was today.  We had an appointment in Phoenix.  It should have been an easy drive up I10.  But nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!  At midnight, an 18 wheeler carrying coffee creamer overturned, spilling both its load and fuel.  I10 westbound was CLOSED on our route 12 hours after the incident.  See the overturned truck?

Product had to be off loaded from the overturned truck to a new truck.

Much coffee creamer and diesel spilled on the freeway and had to be cleaned off.  They finally reopened the freeway about 2pm.  Fortunately we had the phone AND the netbook AND the phone could be a hotspot so we could consult a map on the internet and the phone maps to chart a course around the blockage.  Note to self, always travel with multiple electronics.

It was a long day in the truck.

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