Saturday, February 16, 2013

Riding, Planting and Bird Feeders

Yesterday dawned cloudy and chilly.  But then the sun burned through and warmed up the day.  We went out to Fantasy Island with Lisa and Hans and rode the south end trails with half of Christmas Tree loop thrown in.  I will say that Monday's rain vastly improved the trails, they are not so full of loose sand and were almost tacky.  It was a good ride.  I cleaned Fire Loop and only walked out of one wash on Christmas Tree.  It's a wash I have never made, so at least I am consistent.  It was a fun ride and a good day with nice people. 

When we got home we decided we would go to Lowe's and buy plants.  Sometimes I miss gardening, not too often, but once in awhile.  The planter we bought in Tubac has been giving me accusatory looks as to why I have not put something in it.  So we purchased African Daisies.  Being in the plant department was creepy.  They have a lot of lavender, and it's covered in BEES!  I would be afraid to pick up a pot for fear of being stung.

While I was on a roll of domesticity, I finally got around to hanging the hummingbird feeder on a slide window.  For weeks a hummer has been coming by and looking at the window, so we thought we should put up a feeder.  Haven't seen him since!

This is an Annas, which is what we see around here.

Thursday I did something unusual for me.  I bought a new PC over the internet without having seen it.  I truly hope I like the touch on the keyboard.  Windows 8 is just more than a body can bear.   My Sony Vaio has truly been a disappointing machine.  The internet card dies at the slightest provocation and now the touch pad will no longer operate the scroll bars, it won't create a crop box in Picasa and it won't highlight text.  So annoying, the old mouse came out of the storage box this morning.  Good thing we didn't 86 it!
Today is warm and sunny, with blustery breezes.

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  1. Gardening is the one thing I miss about having a stix and brix. Gotta get my fix when I visit my kid or my parents! I'm considering a pot of herbs but that's just one more thing crowding my limited counter space!