Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

Greetings Earthlings!  How was your New Years?  We continued our grand tradition of ignoring the holiday and going to bed at a reasonable hour.  We did not hear as much gun fire as we have in the past.  The Tucson police have cracked down on "celebratory gun fire", and we are very happy about that, as some of it occurs not too far from RCW.
New Year's day we took the RV out for a drive.  Why would we do that, you wonder?  Well, because for the last two days we've had an obstruction in the black tank that has prevented us from fully emptying it.  For you non-RVers, this is very, very bad.  This morning we decided that something must be done, so we dumped a small bottle of Dawn detergent and a cup of Calgon down the toilet and headed out for Kinney road through the Tucson Mountain Park.  See the rolling terrain and the curviness of the road?  When driven at a rapid rate, it does an excellent job of sloshing the contents of the black tank.

We saw this when we were heading out for the second circuit of driving fast through the park.  Look at the green sign.  The last line says that Dr. Bernal is the "official chiropractor of the West Ajo Feed & Supply."   Why does a feed and supply need an official chiropractor?  Odd, just very odd.
When we returned to RCW, we were rewarded with a complete black tank emptying.  We are much happier now that this is over.
This is tonight's sunset.  It was pretty good.  Today was kind of cool, many people are returning for the winter, it's good to see them back. 

Tomorrow we are up and out to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park where we will stay for 4 nights. 

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  1. love that you are always on the go!
    Happy '13, may it be filled with love and blessings