Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold Comes to the Old Pueblo

Well, the weather heads are just beside themselves.  It reminds me of watching the weather guys in North Carolina when we'd have thunderstorms and they would start talking about the possibility of tornadoes. The excitement was just palpable.  Anyhoo, we're under a high wind warning at the moment (it's windy), and it's going to rain tonight.  The BIG news is that starting Friday, night time lows will be in the 20's.  So, we may have to dig out the toe booties and the full finger gloves for a week or so.  I  truly want my snow bird rebate.
This is what we saw last night.  It was a lovely sunset.

Today we went out to Robles. This is the Boulder Belt trail.  It's a little lumpy and it's very steep.  At the top of the hill there is a switchback that climbs up a rock.  We decided to bail on this trail.  So far we're liking the Camaro trail in either direction.

Look, a Palo Verde has scraped off a layer of skin.  Today we discovered that all of the wet wipe antiseptic things have dried up as well as the adhesive on the bandaids in our bike first aid kit.  We'll be freshening up our supplies.

Those of you who followed our travels in Germany in 2011, will no doubt remember the amount of complaining I did about the cuisine. I lost 4 pounds on the trip while getting zero exercise.  Really, how many German restaurants have you seen recently?  We've seen none, until today.  RCW has been bringing in food trucks to the park, and apparently this is the Thursday truck.  They have curry wurst!

We went to the post office this afternoon. This is what we saw on Mission.

How does this happen?

The propane trucks have been in the park the last two days until well after dark.  People who heat with propane are stocking up.  Tomorrow night we'll be turning off the water and draining the hoses so as to avoid frozen water damage.

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