Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gator Fest

Lazy Daze had an open house and Gator Fest today.  It's not clear to me in what way gators are related to recreational vehicles, but there you go.

There were many 5th wheels on the lot. I find this one interesting in that it has a double slide.  The bed is on the smaller slide.  I think that is pretty strange.  The nested slide has added weight and complexity.

In my humble opinion, this is just stupid.  The fake fireplace installation has taken up valuable wall space that could have been used for storage.  No RV in the history of the world has had enough storage, and this is not a good use of the wall resource.

This is in a diesel Class A.  This is the bathroom in the back of the bus.  There are two sinks in the vanity.  It's a huge bathroom.  Forward there is a half bath, as well.

A Sanibel model from Prime Time Manufacturing.  It's 39 feet and is really nice.  It has good basement storage and good interior storage.  If I were inclined to own another towable, which I am not, this would be a contender.

There was a live band which was quite good.  Several food trucks were out for the occasion. 

Great graphics.

Oh yes, the gator fest.  I find it somewhat shocking in this day and age that an albino alligator would be brought down from Phoenix with its mouth taped shut so that people could gawk at it.  His name is Powder.  I hope at some point he gets to bite someone.

This is a tiny alligator, also with his mouth taped shut.

We were strong, we bought nothing.  Afterwards Don, Jamie and I went for a short flat ride. 

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