Monday, January 28, 2013

More Winter in the Desert

This weather is driving me crazy!  Today was windy, then the temperature dropped 10 degrees and then it rained. This is an El Nada winter, and it is not nearly as good as last season.  Don of Don&Jamie came by in the rain to show us how wet he was.  They had gone out for a ride and gotten wet on the way back.  It was just gruesome today.  It's making me extremely cranky.

Eventually we ventured forth into the retail arena for provisions.  However, first we saw this.  The vehicle is 180 degrees to the direction of the road upon which it was traveling, and the left rear wheel and tire are under the vehicle.  How does this happen?

After a trip to Costco, we headed to Safeway for food.  This is what we saw on the side road in to the parking lot.  It's a giant hose crossing the street.

These are pumping entities in the parking lot of Safeway.

So we have pumping entities in the Safeway parking lot, crossing the ditch by the side road, and then crossing the road.  We are flummoxed as to what all of this is and what it's doing.

So that was today.  Jim feels worse today than he did yesterday.  We're sort of dispirited about his lack of progress back to full health.  Tomorrow is going to be cold and windy but sunny, perhaps I'll take him hiking.

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