Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Ankle Whack and a Ride to Arivaca

Monday we went out on the mountain bikes. I had the weirdest incident on the bike. We were riding down a benign section of trail, on the side of which was a barrel cactus. Apparently I hit it with my left foot, which shoved my foot off the pedal, and then the outside edge of my pedal smacked the side of my ankle. I thought my ankle was broken it hurt so bad. It was a fluke thing, but in the future I will be way more aware of the location of the barrels.
Note the swelling.

This afternoon it colored out pretty well.

Today was a good ride. A bunch of us rode from Amado to Arivaca. It's a pleasant ride across the desert.

We went to the Gadsden Coffee Company and sat out in the sun and had a nosh. It was just perfect. My poor beloved was unable to go, since he's in Seattle in the gray, the cold and the wet. The group wanted to wave and say hi from the sunny patio.

The return was nice since the head wind was not as bad as usual.

When we got back there was a new RV in the park. It's an amazing bus conversion. It's very shiny.

So, Jim's in Seattle and I am here.

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