Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plague and the Tucson Gem Show

Since the Beaudry RV resort went belly-up, all of their traffic had to go somewhere. RCW has been saying that come February 1 they expect 100% occupancy. They are actually making people currently in residence leave if they don't have a February reservation. Having said all that, the park looks pretty danged empty to me. If they're going to be 100% full in the next two days, we may be seeing traffic jams. This was the view from the front door last night. Gridlock!

I have a mild case of the plague, so we did not ride today. Instead we went down to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at TEP. It hasn't changed much from last year.
Here we have petrified wood that has been cut into sections - they can be little stools or table bases.

Little penguins carved out of onyx. I think it's onyx.

Kitties and meercats.

There are tables covered in strings of beads everywhere. We keep wondering who makes all of this stuff.

And there are the tents with tie-dye and other '60s memorabilia.

There are lots of Buddhas.

The fossils are cool, we liked looking at them.

And here we have our ever popular bison skulls. They make a mean pair of earrings.

I'm watching Mega-Python vs Gatoroid, starring Tiffany and Debbie Gibson (pop singers from the 80s). It's as terrible a SyFy movie as I have seen yet. Terrible acting, terrible special effects and a stump stupid plot. SyFy is positioning itself as the purveyor of Saturday night B movies. Cool! The bad poachers are being eaten by a giant snake.
Hopefully I will be over the plague by tomorrow. Otherwise Jim will have to continue with the current level of care, which is extensive.

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