Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bo's Loop

Today we left our (my!) comfort zone at Fantasy Island and rode a loop that is new to us. I wouldn't call it fun yet. The section of trail that leads down to the loop was full of loose round rocks, which is a surface that still gives me the willies.
This is the license plate tree on the way to Bo's Loop.

An art installation on Bo's Loop. That's a Super Tramp album cover tied to the stake.

This is a wash on Lone Cactus. Jim can ride all of it now, I still flake out climbing out of this one. There's a section of loose round rocks (and we know how I feel about those) that just stops me in my tracks.

The sign as you exit to the picnic table at Irvington. It's good to see the sign, it means the hard part is over.

We're watching the news while I type this. The devastation caused by the flood waters in Brazil and Australia is just gut wrenching to see. I think we'll send the Red Cross money, it's about all a person can do.
Today was Christina Green's funeral. More sadness. At least those people from that fundamentalist church did not picket. Apparently hundreds of people lined the road to stop them if they did come. That was good.
The F16s are out tonight en masse - those planes are noisy.
So, that's everything I have to report.

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