Friday, November 12, 2010

Fantasy Island Again

Today it was back to the island to try out the new route. It's good. We covered about 18 miles, and rode the section of Lone Cactus we like, and not the section we don't, and returned via the new improved south bound trail.
This is a map at the north end of the area. It's not to scale, it's missing half the trails and it's not accurate, but other than that, it's fine. We still have not ridden the Burro Pit Loop (does that sound inviting?) or Bo's Loop. I was asking another rider how that trail compares to Lone Cactus. Basically it's steeper. Then he added that unlike the Arizona Trail and the 50 Year Trail, these trails were nicely groomed. So, in light of all my complaining about the rocks and sand this year, I believe the answer to should we try the 50 Year trail has been answered in the negative.

Carefully examine the next two pictures. How are they different?

Jim is riding my bike in the bottom photo. I still haven't made it down the Elbow Slammer or the Slide. My new method of transiting is to walk down and let Jim ride my bike down. It's easier for us all.
Jim riding my bike down the Slide.

So, we went on to successfully ride worse things than these two down hills. Maybe I'll do them next time, maybe not. We need to work on our riding in the sand and climbing up steep hills covered in loose rock techniques.
Tomorrow we're not riding, so I will not torment you with anymore pictures of riding in the desert.

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  1. I know nothiing of the world of mt. biking other than my niece does it and my grandson wants to. It looks intimidating. Is there a training course or how do you learn?