Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tourists in Tucson

Saturday we were tourists. Kim, Jim squared and I first went down to Tubac. It's an artsy fartsy community an hour south of Tucson. Since the collapse of the global economy they have not fared well, given the fact that they depend on discretionary spending. I also think that some of their artistes perhaps over-value their works. This copper and glass creation, for example, runs for $2,500. While it's lovely, I think it's a bit much.

This 5 foot square painting is $7,700. While it's also lovely, I'm just not seeing that much value in it. I'd rather have cowboy art.

After lunch, we headed further south to Tumacacori, a national historic site. The Franciscans built this church in the 1800s. It was later abandoned after plagues, wars, droughts, and the continued depredations of the Apaches.

This was taken in the granary. I like the interplay of light and shadow. Perhaps I will have a showing of photos in Tubac. Or not.

Then it was on to San Xavier del Bac. This is another old mission, but one that is still in active use today. It's been undergoing restoration for several years. Look at the difference in color between the two towers. It's so nice to see it without the scaffolds.

Sunday we had the usual breakfast run to the Rincon Market, followed by a delightful bike ride with Don and Jamie. The climate today was just spectacular. This is why we winter in Tucson.

Monday the guy from Qwest is coming. Our Verizon mi-fi does not work here, nor does the park internet. I want to take my pc and throw it through the window this is aggravating me so much. So hopefully the Qwest DSL will be better and I will be happy.

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