Friday, March 26, 2010

Still learning to ride the Mountain Bike

When we started mountain biking, we knew that if you mountain bike, you're gonna fall. Despite my magical thinking that maybe I wouldn't fall, I'm on fall number two. One part of Christmas Tree Loop out at Fantasy Island is pretty much a ditch. You have to stay up high on the edge of it; unfortunately there's a giant overgrown bush on the left, which caused me to lean right. My back wheel went in the ditch, caught a pedal, and threw me to the ground. The good thing about these falls is that they're so fast, I don't have time to try to break my fall by extending my hands (thus breaking a wrist or collarbone), but man it's hard on the body! This one whacked me in the ribs. Nothing's broken, but it's good that it's my non-dominant side since use of my arm is limited, as is breathing. We have a knife in the tool kit and next time we're out there, the bush is getting trimmed, revenge will be mine.
This is my left elbow. I have since ordered elbow pads. Soon I'm going to be looking like Mel Gibson in the Mad Max movies. Knee pads have proved to be very useful, so I think elbows will be good, as well.

It's been otherwise uneventful here. We got the the electric fireplace fixed. Dimplex sent a new bottom for the box, with more air holes. It's been turning itself off because it over heats. The electrician who came out also recommended that we get a hole saw and cut a 2 inch hole in the top of the cabinet so it could breathe better. Jim did that today, we'll know if it's successful next winter (when it's out of warranty).
Today was a Red Flag day due to high winds, originating in the GPNW. Their latest storm was strong enough to cause wind here, but no rain. The warm weather high pressure system is late in establishing itself this year. We await that event with bated breath.
Thursday we are flying to the GPNW to visit Jim's Mom and our various medical professionals. I look forward to the annual squashing of the chest at Valley Medical's House of Discomfort.
Hope you are all well.

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