Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Search and Rescue

Yepper - we're in the west here. Jim and I hiked up the Starr Pass trail today, we saw this emblem on the side of a truck pulling a horse trailer at the trail head. Pretty cool, how often do you see the word "Posse" on a government pickup truck?

Here are the posse members. They ride the trails and look for evil doers and vandals. We told them about the evil ATV riders who have been riding on the trail and pulling up fences. They're going to check it out tomorrow, hopefully they'll find the evil ATV rider and shoot him.

This is Mabel, she's a mule. She's in the back of the picture above. Her rider had us put our trekking poles on the ground because when she was up for auction people would hit her with sticks to make her move for the bidders. Mabel now has a much better life than before.

It was a beautiful morning. This afternoon another storm rolled in, the winds were fairly impressive. However, I am not complaining, because (as I have been recently been reminded) it could be so much worse.

The bruise continues to color up nicely, I think tomorrow it should peak, so there will be another picture. I know you're all looking forward to that.

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