Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Riding at Fantasy Island

Today was spectacular. We went out to Fantasy Island and rode a hilly trail section that is new to us. Before we could get there, Jim had a fall climbing out of a big wash. Our key learning from this ride is that when one is climbing a very steep grade, one should slide way forward on the bike seat. When coupled with boobs to the tubes (which are the handlebars, but handlebar does not rhyme with boobs), the front wheel is more likely to stay on the ground. Jim forgot this, and pulled up his wheel, which then flipped and he fell over. It reminds me of that guy on "Laugh In" who would fall over on his tricycle. Jim is undamaged. He is indicating where he landed on the trail.

I rode well today. We went back to the scene of my fall, looked at it and then rode through it with no drama. We were both happy to see that I did not engage in any post-fall nut bag behavior and rode the washes with aplomb.

This picture came from Velonews, it's from a MTB race in Australia. Does this look like fun?

After riding it was hot and we were tired so we came back to the RV and sat outside and had a Corona. They come in 7 oz bottles, which is about all the beer I would ever want to drink. The bottles are just cuter than bugs. We've taken to squeezing lime juice into the beer which is good. We never drank Corona when we were in Seattle, it's not bad. Stella Artois and Grolsch are just stupid expensive here, so Corona it is.

So - that is all for today. Sunday is supposed to be "breezy" which generally translates to really really windy. We may drive to the Sunday omelet. Although last week I demonstrated that I can ride in really windy weather, I still do not enjoy it.

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