Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moving On and the Bruise (bottom of the post)

We like being full timers, I like not taking care of a house and a yard; I like not paying all the bills associated with owning a house. Sometimes I miss my stuff, it was always enjoyable to haul out the Noritake china and just look at it, but over all being full time has really exceeded expectations. The downside to it is everybody moves on. In about 6 weeks we'll all be gone.
Our delightful riding buddies from Winnipeg loaded the wagons this morning and departed for the Great White. We will miss them until next season.

And now, as previously promised, here it is - the bruise, in all of its glory.

We are now about to go forth and speak to La Mesa about a rear view camera for the RV. One more item on the action item list we need to close before we leave for the summer. So far, the kitchen gray tank is NOT LEAKING! Happy we are about that development.

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