Monday, September 21, 2009

Santa Fe - Shopping

Santa Fe is just cuter than a bug. There is shopping to be had here. Much of it is very high end and very expensive. The tourist part of town looks like this. It's cute, really cute.

Rugs for sale, and trinkets.

Jim at lunch. We ate at the Famous Plaza Cafe, it was good. We had soft tacos, they bring you 3 salsas. One of them was just incendiary. I dipped my fork in it to test it and just that tiny little amount made me tear up.

There is a lot of inlaid jewelry and accessories. These are inlaid belt buckles, tips and keepers. They are little pieces of art. The store was not keen on people taking pictures so I had to sneak this photo, which is why it's not so good. But just look at them, they're so beautifully done.

This is the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. It's 400 years old.

The church sanctuary.

Look at the architectural detail to the right and down slightly of the cross. It would appear to be a cornice, but it's actually trompe l'oeil. It's very effective, the back wall is flat.

Santa Fe is spectacularly beautiful. The desert is greener and lusher than Tucson, more water and less heat. It would be paradise except for the fact that the wind is just howling, and apparently it's even worse in March and April. It could be a contender for the summer residence. Tomorrow we are driving up to Taos. The forecast high there is 58 degrees. Bring me my jammies!

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