Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bowling Green Kentucky

This is in a park down the street from the Bowling Green KOA. Fancy seeing this here. It's a Vietnam era F-4D. The park is in the process of becoming a memorial to fallen Kentucky veterans. There is an interesting back story to this particular plane which can be read here.

Tuesday morning started out with yet another trip to a doctor. This time I was able to see a PA in a Ear Nose and Throat office. I can not tell you how much better it is to be seen by a specialist than an ER person. Anyway, my left ear is still infected, the tympanic membrane (aka eardrum) is perforated and my right ear is now also inflamed. So, it's another 10 days of drugs, ear drops and nasal spray, and keeping water out of my ear for 6 weeks. Hopefully the eardrum will heal on its own. In the meantime I'm deaf as a post.

The it was off to the Corvette museum. It was pretty cool. They have a lot of cars.

This is a 1962 Corvette. Jim used to have one of these. But did he keep it? Nooooooooooo.

This is a 1969 Corvette. Jim used to have one of these, too. Did he keep it? Noooooooooo.

A mid-engine concept car. There were a lot of concept cars in the museum. There was a display of 12 or so former Indy pace cars, that were all on loan from the same person. That's quite a collection.

After the museum we went to see historic down town Bowling Green. They have a square with an arch dedicated to the Lampkin brothers. They were born in the late 1800s and were wealthy philanthropists.

The fountain.

Buildings along the square. The downtown is not doing that well. There are a lot of empty stores.

Old Methodist church.

Today was a down day for me. The PA suggested I take decongestants to dry up my sinuses, which kept me awake most of the night. Jim went to the Corvette plant for a factory tour and I laid on the couch and watched an NCIS marathon. Tomorrow we're going to Memphis.

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