Thursday, September 24, 2009

Santa Fe - Petroglyphs and Museum

Wednesday we hiked out to look at petroglyphs with friends of ours we met in Tucson. They are here for two months each year. There were a lot of them in the rocks. Click on the photos and you can see them better. It was pretty cool.

Today we went back in to Santa Fe. We went to the Georgia O'Keefe museum. It was slightly underwhelming, I didn't think they had her best work there. It was worth visiting for the movies they were running about her life. She spent years in New Mexico, it was her home. There was footage of her talking about events in her life. We saw this guy at the visitor center. Pretty cool piece.

Then we walked down to the railyards and looked around. There was an REI there which was pretty surprising. It's off the beaten tourist track. It was a nice day to walk around.
Tomorrow we over night in Las Cruces, and Saturday it's on to Tucson. After being chilly here, Jim is looking forward to being a snake on a rock.

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