Saturday, September 26, 2009

Return to Tucson AZ

If you've ever wondered what Santa Fe to Las Cruces on I25 looks like, this is pretty much what you will see.

We got off in Hatch, NM to get gasoline, not realizing that Hatch is THE chile capitol of the world. So now you know.

Look at the roof of the building, I guess he's spreading them out to dry.

This is a Border Patrol station somewhere in NM. If you are Anglo, they just wave you through. If you are not, they don't.

Somewhere near Benson AZ. The mountains there are very lovely.

This is what you see when you tow a fifth wheel. That's the pin box attached to the hitch which is attached to the bed of the truck, and the trailer filling up the rear view mirror.

So, we are now in Tucson. Perhaps we've returned a teensy bit early, but we really ran out of places to go. I'm ready to not be moving. It's nice to open the medicine chest and find everything in the same place it was the day before.

The dinette and couch windows face west and they get HOT in the afternoon. We've put up the sunshades from the minivan we used to have to try to deflect some heat. We may end up having awnings over the windows installed. Or not. I hate the idea of drilling holes in the side of the RV.

Next week Cameron's Reliable RV Service is coming to measure us for a second air conditioning unit. We want it for redundancy if nothing else.
So, here we are and here we be.

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