Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sabino Canyon

We're still in Tucson where it's HOT! It was in the low 90's today. We went out for a ride, after which I was just poleaxed.
Thursday Kim and Jim went square dancing. Square dancing is like AA, you can can be in any town any where and find square dancers. It's kind of cool, it's a great way to meet people when you're someplace new. They are wearing their Texas outfits.

Saturday we went to Sabino Canyon. Back in the 80's a person could ride their bike up to the top. But then, the trams went in to ferry the out of shape up the 3.85 miles into the canyon. Bikes were banned after 9 am in the morning. A really good ride was lost to tourism. So, ever the tourists, we rode the tram up.

The canyon is really lush because of water being available almost year round. Right now it's snow melt, later it will be from the monsoons.

This is how erosion occurs. Plants force their roots into crevices in the rocks, and big rocks become smaller rocks. Eventually they will be sand.

There are no speed bumps in the canyon now, they were removed after the trams came. It's really easy to let your speed get too high, and miss the bridges.

A mallard in the canyon.

We're hoping to be out of here on Thursday. We're off to Lake Powell for a few days. Then, we don't know.

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