Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Page, AZ to Moab Utah

Greetings gentle readers. Alas alack, I have no pictures from the Hummer tour. For some reason, the guy working the desk indicated a 9:00 am start. Unfortunately, the tour we signed up for started at 8. At least we got our deposit back. We're going to try it again in the fall on the way back to Tucson.
So, we had to find other entertainment for the day. Here we are on the bridge by the Glen Canyon dam. This is looking above the dam at Lake Powell.

Looking below the dam.

This is the bridge that runs across Glen Canyon below the dam.

So, after looking at the dam we decided we would go hike. The park ranger at the GC Dam Visitor Center told us this would be a nice hike out to an arch. Nice, HAH! We walked about an hour up a wash in really deep sand. It was more trudging than hiking. We never did see the arch, an hour was enough trudging.

This is a big Juniper. The trunk is just shredded, but it's still green.

Later, we were at Wally World and we saw this vehicle.

It has a snorkel! Anyway, I stalked the people into Walmart and asked the lady where they were from and what were they doing. They're from Germany, they shipped the Land Cruiser over via boat. They started on the east coast of Canada, drove to Oregon and now they are working their way back east. They plan to spend about a year on the continent. I would like to point out that there is no air conditioning unit and no sewer outfall. These people are much tougher than I am!

So now it is Wednesday (4/29), we drove from Page, AZ, to Moab Utah. What you are seeing here are sand dunes with some vegetation. 200 million years ago this was part of the largest system of sand dunes the North American continent has ever seen. These "sand seas" are known as ergs. The erg was eventually hardened by water and minerals into sandstone. The sandstone was over 2,000 feet thick in places and stretched from Arizona to Wyoming. At this time the sandstone is becoming sand again.

This is somewhere on the way to Moab.

It's a beautiful drive. The road was not that good, but the scenery was spectacular.

THIS is why I never have any cling wrap! This is my beloved husband plastic wrapping the hitch in the truck bed prior to putting the hitch cover on it. He doesn't want to get the inside of the cover greasy. I do love that man, he's so much fun to watch.

So, we're in Moab for 8 nights. We have internet! We have cable! We're happy!


  1. There is probably a market, somewhere, for Jim's Hitch Condom.

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