Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Hiking and Cleaning

More better pictures of my Easter eggs. It seems a shame to break them up and eat them. They are so cute.

Sunday morning (4/12) we went out on the bikes. I have seen the back of this building on many of our 3rd Avenue rides, but never the front. So we went around to the front this time. This a Benedictine Sanctuary of Perpetual Adoration. The sisters have 3 active houses and this is one of them. They've been in Tucson since 1935.

It's a beautiful building.

Later, we had dinner with the Waddles. Jim W. is grilling lamb chops.

This is Kim.
These are some really good deviled eggs that Kim made. They are beautifully plated on a ceramic deviled egg plate. I love that Kim is willing to travel with real plates and wine glasses. I have not yet progressed from Corelle and polycarbonate glassware. Perhaps we'll branch out in the near future.

Yesterday, 4/14, Kim and I hiked up Starr Pass from the Genser trail head. Jim took the truck in for an oil change, new filters and a mini-detail. I love the mini-detail, they washed it, clayed it, and waxed it. They even cleaned the bed liner and armor-alled it. Talk about an excellent thing to outsource!
The prickly pears and the buckhorn chollas are blooming.

Click on this photo and you can see the bee in the blossom. I thought about swatting him away, but then remembered that there are Africanized honeybees here, and decided to leave him alone.

While Kim and I were out enjoying nature, my beloved was at home, washing and drying 36 feet of RV. He was a tired puppy last night.

This morning, which is Tuesday, he's still a little sore in the shoulders. The reason I keep using dates, and the name of the day, is because Blogger posts using the date on which the post was started, not the date on which is was posted, and I get confused. I started this last night, but due to new episodes of House and Saving Grace, did not finish.
So, today we will ready the RV to go back to Beaudry for the third time in the morning. Hopefully this will be the charm. We just checked the weather in Page AZ which is where we're going next week and it is snowing. I'm going to go check their cancellation policy!

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