Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking the RV to Beaudry

Well, it's the lull before the storm. Windstorm, that is. Tomorrow we're expecting sustained winds of 25-30, gusting to 40 in the afternoon. Guess who will not be riding, and who will be full of mucous. The spring bloom is on, and the wind pretty much strips the pollen right out of the buds and flings it with wild abandon into the sinus cavities of the allergic. Today we will seek drugs for this.
Tuesday, however was a glorious day. We rode out to Saguaro East on the Aviation Parkway trail. Once there, we did the loop. Just a fabulous day. We got 52 miles.

On the way back we had lunch at El Sur, a Mexican restaurant. It's really good. The temptation is to over eat, but the knowledge that you still have to get home is a restraining force for moderation.

We've been having an issue with our kitchen grey tank, as in it puts water on the ground and smells bad. So, Wednesday we hitched it up and hauled it down to Beaudry. The upper seam on the tank is bad, so it's venting water and the gasses that develop in a holding tank. It will take 10 business days to get a new one, so in the meantime, we'll probably just leave it open so the water levels do not reach the bad seam. The Service Advisor indicated that this is now a common problem with the tanks. One wonders why the industry does not implement QC at the factory, rather than forcing that function down to the hapless customer.
This is our site sans RV. Very forlorn. Look how overcast it is.

The thing that really sucks about RV living is that when the RV goes in for repair, you're homeless. We went out to Saguaro West and took some pictures, which were uniformly bad. This was intended to show how the ocatillo have leafed out and are blooming. We'll try again when the sun is out.

This bike store has cool security. Those are bike frames welded together.

Here is Jim backing in. Note the pigeon riding along on the air conditioning unit. It was a drama free return. We're getting better at it.

Today I think we'll hike, finish restoring order to the RV, do laundry, and grocery shop. Woo hoo!

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