Monday, March 30, 2009

Plants, animals & taxes

Friday, 3/27, we took the RV back to Beaudry for a new holding tank. While out of the house, we utilized the Tucson Passport coupon book given to us by the St. Angelos. You get two for one admissions with it. Our first stop was the Tucson Botanical Garden, which we would give a "meh" rating. These are yuccas. The flower spikes are just amazing. Like orchids, only better.

One of the outdoor garden rooms.

Then it was on to the Reid Park Zoo. It's not a huge zoo, but it's a nice one. Here is an African elephant, playing with food.

Giraffe, going for food.

A water bird.

This enclosure sort of reminded me of the Peaceable Kingdom. There were also a bunch of Guinea fowl running around honking at the ostrich.

The peacocks get to roam about at will.

This is one of the few animals collected from the wild at the zoo. They have had him for about 30 years, he weighs 500 pounds. His age is not known.

I love these guys.

The Russian river otters are hoping for food. There was a zoo worker standing by the fence holding a metal pan. They were were really hoping that a snack would be coming their way, but there was no joy. So, it was back to swimming for them.

The blue and gold did not seem to be eating any of the corn, he was just shredding it. The local birds would dash in and carry away the corn kernels.

The military next to him was grousing constantly. I think he wanted the corn. He eventually gave up and got an apple, which he proceeded to shred.

Large fish from the Amazon.


The weekend was uneventful. We rode the bikes, went out to breakfast Sunday at the Rincon Market. No good blog material presented itself. Today was tax day. Since the wind is blowing again, we decided we would get the dang taxes finished. Federal is no big deal, since I used H&R Block software, but I'm too cheap to buy the package for NC, so Jim got to do it. It's very interesting just how arcane state income taxes are. We got used to not dealing with that while living in the GPNW. This will be the last time for us, as we are now South Dakota residents.

So, we are still here, with completed tax forms.

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